Cloud Native Engineers/Architects (60-100%)

Who we are

We are modern and pragmatic, operating in a dynamic and technologically demanding environment focused on Cloud Native Computing. We develop and optimize evolutionary software and infrastructure solutions for our clients, advise on IT architecture, and champion sustainable ideas.

Passion and self-responsibility are at the forefront of our values. Our involvement in local and international communities sets us apart. We are looking for individuals who will accompany us on our journey with enthusiasm and passion, and who understand how to challenge themselves. You will work on exciting and diverse customer projects in the Bern area.

What we are looking for

You have experience in designing and optimizing complex and modern Cloud Native architectures. Self-responsibility and self-motivation drive you. You communicate passionately and look forward to contributing to various community networks and shaping our company culture.

You approach challenges pragmatically and with a sense of humor. You have a quick grasp and a great interest in new topics. Customer needs are at the center of our work, but you understand how to challenge them and inspire with new ideas.

What you bring

You have mastered the craft of a modern IT specialist and continue to develop it.

You program in a modern programming language and automate with Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD pipelines, preferably in Public Cloud environments.

What’s next

Tell us how you will help us shape the IT landscape of the future. Contact us on LinkedIn or write to us at Only direct applications.